Releases of Random Pools

0.1.5 current version, released on: 2015-04-05

  • added: autoadd tracks if the playlist duration is less than a specified duration


  • fixed: application freeze under certain conditions
  • other: compiled with SDK-2015-01-15


  • fixed: error message not shown in all cases (also crashes were reported), when an invalid filter expression was entered in the pool definition dialog


  • added: option "Filter with the content of the target playlist"


  • fixed: deadlock, when automatically adding a pool to a playlist from "All pools" and the chosen pool is empty
  • changed: empty pools are not considered for "Add from all pools"


  • others: compiled with SDK-2011-03-11

  • changed: the help file is now expected to be in the same folder as the component to better support the new component structure
  • fixed: limiting on MBs didn't work for large values
  • others: compiled with SDK-2010-05-21