Spider Monkey Panel

By: TheQwertiest

Allows to create full-fledged CUI/DUI panels using JavaScript.

Base functionality includes:
- Graphics functions: drawing text, external images, lines, rectangles, etc.
- Access fonts and colours settings from the main preferences of CUI/DUI.
- Execution of main menu and context menu commands.
- Creation of custom buttons and menus.
- Capture of keystrokes/mouse movement/clicks.
- Capture of foobar2000 events with callbacks.
- Processing and changing of file tags.
- Playlists management: create, destroy, sort, change, rename and do anything that fb2k can do.
- Access Media Library with ability to sort and filter it's contents.
- Per panel settings storage.
- Built-in web and filesystem access.
- foo_acfu integration.
- And more!

Current version

1.1.5, released on 2019-01-21

Works with foobar2000 v1.3.17 and newer


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